Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday I turned 38. My kids had a good laugh (as did I) of just how many candles that looks like on a cake!! 
As my daughter said 'I don't want to say you're old but that's a lotta candles!!' hehe It was! There's a part of me that doesn't want to get older. I think we all feel that way at least just a little bit. Don't we?? And every year I always say 'But I don't feel 36,37,38...' I really don't. And next year I'm sure I'll say the same thing. But the thing is, without getting older I wouldn't have years of experiences with my favorite people. 
I wouldn't get to watch my kids grow older and do new things in life.
I wouldn't be able to celebrate new anniversaries.

And I wouldn't be able to head over to one of my favorite spots for my free birthday lunch & sundae ;)

By the way, my husband had them sing happy birthday to me. So embarrassing. But it was fun. My kids get a kick out of stuff like that :)

Then we headed to the movies to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Great movie. There was a Star Wars line in there that had me howling in the theater!

When were sitting down later in the evening what else but Footloose came on tv. Talk about a movie that gets you reminiscing!! Ya know, if a big part of your childhood was in the 80s that is! That led to surfing You Tube for 80s rocker videos. Whoa....what a decade that was!! My kids got an education in 80s hair bands watching videos for Scorpions, Cinderella, Dokken, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Quiet Riot... I've linked up the videos so, you know, you can reminisce right along wtih me. Or {{gasp}} if you weren't old enough to appreciate this you can see what you missed!! hehe

Wanna see something even better?? Here's a video of an Alice In Chains concert at a local bar in Okemos, MI (near MSU) in '91. I was somewhere in the front there with my friend Becky. 

I remember Jerry Cantrell (guitarist) kept hitting me with his hair and at some point we made it over to the other side by the bass player. Oh was he niiiice on the eyes ;) Too bad, like most, he got into drugs. 19 yrs ago. Seems like a different life sometimes! 

Maybe I'll dig up some pics of my big hair days. Oh yeah, I had the hair!! Wanna see?? Check out my birthday post from 2 yrs ago.

I'll check back in tomorrow. I'm off to watch some more 80s videos... :)


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mmullenix said...

LOVE the hair! I could go toe to toe w/ you on the 80s hair - oh me!

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