Monday, September 13, 2010

grandpa's tractor

You know how there are some designers out there who have a definite style?? Like, when you look through a magazine you can instantly tell who did the layout without looking at the name??

I'm not one of those people.

My style tends to vary based on what photos I'm working with or what papers I'm playing with. However, I do think that I have a certain style in the sense that my layouts have a few similar characteristics. For the most part I like clean lines (with a little bit of jagged papers or angles thrown in for fun). 
(Yes, my kids call my dad's riding lawn mower a 'tractor'. And yes, my dad is wearing a 'Geek Squad' shirt! hehe)

I like to add a little whimsy or unexpected when I can (like the dictionary page on this layout...notice it's on 'grandchild'??)
And I seem to use 3 smaller photos a lot (1 slightly larger than the other) usually with a white border.
Everything from Sweet Sue kit (7 left!!) except alphas are from 
Sonoma County and Sunkissed kits (both sold out)

My 'style' is easily copied, I don't use a ton of techniques in my layouts. Although, every once in a while I come up with something unique! My layouts usually aren't overly busy, that's just not me.

So there you have it! Head over to the Noel Mignon challenge blog, take a look at what the other designers came up with and try this challenge for yourself!!



Kim's Treasures said...

When I create cards and layout for scrapbooking, I tend to have clean lines and keep everything rather simple and not overly cluttered too. I like this layout! I have a similar picture of my son and nephew when they were little with my dad and his tractor/lawn mower.

Have a great day!

Linh C. said...

I know what you mean about some people having such a defined style that you'd recognize their work anywhere!

I love the "Geek Squad" t-shirt of your Dad's. There are just some things that our Dads wear all the time that make us remember them with affection after they're gone. My father-in-law loved his worn-soft plaid, flannel shirt. My husband now wears it once in a while when we especially miss his Dad.

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