Thursday, August 19, 2010

new in the shop!

I've been working on some fun stuff for the shop that I'm really excited to share! I like to dabble in all kinds of craftiness...sewing, scrapbooking, home decor, etc. So when I opened up 24 Olive Street I had intentions on sharing a little bit of all of that.

So here's a few fun things that are new to the shop:
I am in love with these fun little tea towels that I've been working on. This fabric just speaks to me in my favorite color combination. And what better use for that key lime basket than for some cute towels?! There is a listing for the basket with towels along with a separate listing for just the towels. But I only have 2 baskets so once they're gone, they're gone!

I also made this cute quilted purse from those same wonderful fabrics:

This purse is a made to order item ~ meaning, it will be crafted after time of purchase. Wait time is 5-7 days (but usually less than that).

And remember this 2 tier metal stand??
Well I found another one!! So, you guessed it, I gave it a new coat of key lime green paint and it's in the shop!

I may have a small addiction to key lime green paint right now :)

There are many camera straps in fun bright colors

Do you remember this printer's tray summer photo collage I made a couple months back??

Well, I'm so excited that I managed to snag up a few more of these great trays while on my thrifting trips, so I put together a few kits. And each one will be different. I've already sold the large kit but there's still 2 smaller printer's tray kits left.

I love collecting vintage books, cards, etc and I'll be putting together listings for some fun goodies..

If you haven't joined my facebook page, head over here. When we hit 100 people who 'like' the shop I'll be doing a giveaway. Hint - the giveaway won't be anything that's in the shop right now. I'm working on what that will be and I'll post pics soon!


Chelle said...

What is the facebook didn't work and I couldn't find you in a search.

Mara... said...

Your projects are so wonderful, Michelle. I love how you use to many bright, fun colors!!! I am on the hunt for one of those printer tray, I just adore what you did with yours.

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