Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fresh Market - you had me at hello

Oh how I've been waiting for The Fresh Market to open. They've been working on it for months and I've been eagerly anticipating the grand opening. We had one when I lived in TN so when I saw the signs go up for a store here I was so excited. 

I've already been in there twice since it opened...last Tuesday.

The store tantalizes all of your senses....they immediately greet you with fresh flowers as you walk in the door. Then, you see this...
Oh yeah, we were mesmorized by all of the candy!!! 
Jars and jars and JARS of candy, gummies, M&M's (or the alternative version of them) in all colors, jelly bellies, and chocolates....oh, the chocolates...
Doesn't that make you drool??!! This place is going to be SO much fun to shop in come Halloween & Christmas!

And the big rack of spices just made me smile. Cause living in a small town it's hard to get those 'exotic' spices. 
That's why I'm so happy this store is here. Now when I watch some of those cooking shows on The Food Network I'll actually be able to get the ingredients for the recipes!! I bought some yummy smelling mulling spices for my crock pot. I'm so ready for fall...have I said that recently??!

Their fresh bacon. YUM. Turkey marinated in Italian dressing (bbq'd on the charcoal grill). YUM. Chicken wrapped with mozzerella & marinara sauce. YUM. Oh, and check out this piggy out of ground sausage...
hehe!! Can you tell that's a pig. My daughter was the 'official' photographer for our trip (with the exception of the photos she was in of course). Can you tell what she really wanted??

They had so much more. But people kept looking at me funny for taking pics. I hate that...haven't they ever seen someone taking pics in a store before ;)



Jill said...

I hate that picture taking gets weird looks. I sometimes feel the same way. There have definitely been times where I'd like to, but I feel I'd get too many funny looks!

Carol said...

Looks great! My plan is to go there in the morning. Can't wait :)

Me and My Pink Mixer said...

I love Fresh Market too! The closest one to my town is an hour and a half away, so I always try to scout out a store when I travel for work. It's always a treat when I find one :)

Mara... said...

OMG I loooooove that photo of all the M&Ms!!! So many great colors, I would just sit there and drool all day. I haven't even heard of the store, i'll have to google it and find out more!

Becky said...

Gee, it's not like you should be tackled and thrown out of the store for taking photos ("Helloooo, Borders!!")... ha ha

I myself was mesmerized by all the chocolates and spices! Yummm!

Steve talks about this store too, in his neck of Tennessee. I'm so jealous!

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