Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Saturday after we got to Michigan was my 20 yr reunion. Still can't believe it's been 20 years!!! I certainly do not feel 37.

It was a lot of fun seeing people I hadn't seen since graduation. 

Good friends

Is it weird that several people thought it so odd that I'm so 'domestic' these days?? And when we talked about the 'old days' I got a lot of 'now that's the Michelle I remember' comments. Hmmmm....

Kinda find it weird myself. Could it be because I used to look like this...

Man, does that picture take me back....

Junior prom.

Good times.

I've actually had a few people say to me 'I don't remember any girls back then with hair that big!" Uh huh....I think you seem to be forgetting that decade. We all had big hair!! Of course, my hair wasn't that big every day. This was a special occasion ya know!! hehe

And Jason (in the pic below) even remembered a guy I 'dated' when I think I was 15 and even the name of the band he was in...

Some things are better left not remembered... ;)

Wished we could have a reunion every year. It was fun to reminisce. Great seeing you guys!! Hopefully we'll have more of our class there at the next one.


Lisa said...

OH M GOSH!!! I love it Michelle - love that giant hair!! Mine was pretty big, too - but not the biggest!!

Becky said...

"Some things are better left not remembered... ;)" -- I bet I could guess!! LOL

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