Monday, July 5, 2010

celebrating the 4th

Ours was spent at a friend's house doing a lot of this...

We discovered that our kids really love pool volleyball, especially my daughter! We really need to get one for our pool.

Such a great way to spend our country's birthday, hanging out with friends, swimming, bbqing and enjoying some fireworks...til more than one landed on the neighbor's roof & they decided to call it quits... Good times :)

Oh, and we've had a little 4 legged visitor the last few days. My younger dog has enjoyed having a playmate ;)

They look ferocious, don't they?? hehe It's funny to watch how much more gentle Jesse has been with the little one that she used to be with our other dog...who's much more her size! They've had so much fun :)

And tonight we let off a few fireworks of our own...


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Kim's Treasures said...

Looks like a great time celebrating the holiday weekend! Great photos!

The dogs are so funny! I love when dogs play, my bulldog loves playing with other dogs especially BIG dogs.

Have a great night!

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