Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is me...the real me

Stephanie Howell did this post and I thought I would do a similar post. I totally agree with everything she said. I have never tried to be "perfect" on my blog or make anyone think that about me. I have hesitated about posting things from time to time but then I thought "this is my blog, this is me. If someone doesn't like me for me, they can move on". It's just the truth. I can't be anyone but myself!
Anyway, so here's "me", flaws and all!!

My bed is rarely made. I just don't have time. My kids' beds aren't made. I love the look of a made bed but it never seems to happen...til my hubby comes home and does it. Yes, he makes the bed at 6pm. It seems pointless to me but more power to him if he wants to do it!

During summer vacation I am usually in my pjs past noon unless we're going somewhere. So are the kids. We love it.

I am happy most of the time. I love to have fun and laugh...and I have a loud laugh! But some days I'm so frustrated that I just want to scream. Then I have some chocolate & move on... :)

I love living in the south but quite honestly I sometimes get tired of being called a "yankee". It doesn't happen all the time. But I know it's not being used as a term of affection. Don't judge me, you know nothing about me. I actually feel like I fit in more down here than up north.

I love my life but there's parts that I miss. I miss the body I used to have before 2 children & 4 surgeries. I'm trying to fix that...not for anyone else but me. I miss when life seemed "easier", before Crohn's disease, before pneumonia, before infertility, before family tragedy. I miss it. I miss my friends in Michigan. I miss the friends I've lost due to moving with my husband's job...not because I didn't keep in touch but because they didn't. That hurts the most.

I love blogging & facebook for the community. I get giddy every single time I get a comment on my blog. I know, lame. But being a stay at home mom can be lonely sometimes. And now that my kids are in school I'm not part of the "playdate" group anymore.

When my husband is out of town I rarely make an actual dinner. Sometimes I cook but not always. It's usually cereal, or frozen stuff, or we just go out. It's just easier. 

I love God. I love Jesus. I go to church. But I'm mad at God right now, for several reasons. And I'm slowly finding my way back. But I also know that's ok. Cause He still loves me no matter what. And I haven't stopped talking to Him which is all that matters right now.

Sometimes I swear. Not all the time, but I do. It's a fact of life. I'm not perfect.

I have never been the type of person to "keep up with the Jones". I don't care that I don't have a flat screen tv, or a Wii, or granite countertops in my kitchen, or have a designer purse. It just doesn't matter to me. I buy what I like, what I need, what my family needs. I would rather save up for 2 yrs and go to Disney. We have a nice life and that's all that matters.

My house is not always clean. And lately it's never clean. Some days I feel like I'm drowning. I hate it.

I love crafting of any kind. It does wonders for my mood & well being. And I've discovered over the last month that it is a necessary part of my life. 

So that's it! That's me in a nutshell. Yes, I am a nut! hehe 
So I'm going to continue the challenge ~ post something similar on your blog. And be sure to let me know so I can go read how un-perfect you are!!
Btw, thrifty thursday is coming later today :)



stephanie howell said...

just lovely. perfectly lovely. xxo

mmullenix said...

Love Stephanie's blog - I had just read this post. I'll work on mine when I get home tonight b/c you know I love your challenges :)

Take care!

Katie said...

Awesomely inspiring post, Michelle! Definitely think you should may a scrapbook page out of this. =)

Kim's Treasures said...

Love this post!

I am very worried about moving from Michigan to Chicago next month. (Hubby has been working there 3 years and comes home on weekends). I'm really afraid my friend won't keep in touch.

My house is like yours right now, not clean and the beds are not made...oh well.

Have a great night!

Lisa said...

loved stephanie's post and your's is great. the funny thing is, i could pretty much cut and paste yours and mine!! :D

Mara... said...

Great post Michelle! It's nice to hear that people are 'real' out there. I liked reading more about you.

Oh...and I checked out that cheesecake you mentioned when you commented on my blog and it looked amazing! Definitely going on my to-bake list. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart Michelle! We ALL feel like there are 5 million things we could/should be doing better. Are your kids loved? Yes? Then you are doing your job, because that's all that matters! And FYI--those of us who follow your blog are totally in awe of it & you!
:) Nora

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

New follower here as of tonight! Found you because of your wooden crate thingy majig! Lol! Lovin' your blog. Something my heart felt led to tell you that I heard or read a few days ago is this "It is so much better to tell God you are mad at him or that you aren't as close to him as you want to be than to just shove those feelings under the rug." Which you are so brave to be honest about how you are feeling. God knows how we feel anyways, right? :0) So kudos to you!

Shelby said...

Ditto to the comment on top of my head. I found your wonderful blog just a few minutes ago because of that awesome summer picture tray (which my guess for it's original purpose would be a jewelry organizer although I think you rocked that thing way better than a million bucks worth of diamonds & gold!!) It's nice to know that feeling guilty that my house is a mess is completely normal and there's other good God-fearing families with the same difficulties and concerns. In all honesty I'd have to admit 'guilty' to most all of your 'real me's'. Well all except the Yankee thing! I am a born and raised Southerner who calls my husband 'Yankee' more days than not, but I'm completely ready to give up all I've ever known in the hot, humid Florida sun and give his home state an excited shot! I'll be you but in reverse...a Southerner in Massachusetts of all places! LoL Keep your head up & thanks for your inspiring blog!!

5price4ever said...

Are you my twin? I swear we must have been seperated at birth. I'm a GRITS girl too. When I read your blog it made me laugh out loud. I wish you all the best in your endevours to become pregnant. We were down your ally a few years ago...ok many years ago. May God bless you..Just remember "The things that don't kill us only make us stronger."

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