Sunday, June 20, 2010

corn syrup painting

I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day :) We went to church, grabbed some Subway, and then a movie...

Great movie by the way. We normally wait til movies hit the dollar flick but this was a special treat since it was daddy's day. Actually, we had planned on going bowling but when we were told it'd be $40 for 1 game and $63 for 2 games for just the 4 of us....yeah, we opted to spend that on a movie instead.

AMF ~ you could get a lot more people in there if you wouldn't jack up your prices to insanity. Just sayin'...


So one of our 'to do' things on our summer list was crafts. There's a lot of craft ideas out there, especially now. Eighteen25 is one of my faves and Meg at Whatever does Craft Thursday. There's also Deep Space Sparkle which has a lot of neat ideas and Pink and Green Mama. So many creative moms out there!!

So I decided to do the corn syrup painting. It's super easy. You just pour some corn syrup in a bowl & add some drops of food coloring. I used an egg carton for mine since we were going to be on the back porch and I didn't want a million bowls out there...that could spill. I also discovered that it's best if you leave a space between colors in case they spill into each other. I added about 4 drops of food coloring & that was sufficient.

I just went to the grocery store the other day to get some more food coloring among other things and discovered they now have neon colors. Fun!!! Yeah, I was sure to buy those. We used glossy paper (my Stampin' Up cardstock), drew the picture in thick black crayon, then painted.

We found that it was best to 'dab' the paint rather than brush on in strokes.

My kids did some paintings, went swimming, had lunch, watched a movie, then went back outside to paint some more!

It takes a while to, several hours to dry. So leave it overnight. But it will never 'fully' dry so be careful, it's sticky!!! And don't leave it outside too long or the paint will just seep into the paper. We had that happen to one of ours.

Then enjoy your masterpiece!!


Gifts of Serendipity said...

What a great post!
The art is sensational and looks like LOTs of fun was to be had at your house.
Something I've discovered is useful when you only want to use little blobs of painting for kids [little and big] is to save the scooper out of the laundry powder. These have a flat base and can be washed out and re-used.


PS I know we shouldn't have favourites but I really love the scary teeth on the rainbow monster

Tami said...

What a neat idea! I'm stealing it. :)

Grandma K said...

The kids are so artistic! Tell 'em to make one for grandma.

Cheryl B. said...

This was on our summer to do list. Thanks for the inspiration, they are outside painting as we speak. I even painted a butterfly....too fun. oh, another tip, we used a toothpick for the tiny areas and to mix paint into another color already on the paper.

Jess said...

What a fun idea! Might have to try this with my preschoolers some time!

jamie @ eighteen25 said...

i LOVE how all of the pictures turned out. so colorful.

thanks for linking to us. :)

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