Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i confess...

I didn't wanna do it. I knew I shouldn't. But it kept calling to me. That darn cupcake just wouldn't stop!! 

And the house was quiet...which made the cupcake's calls even louder. 

I tried to ignore it but it just wouldn't quit

And quite honestly, the calories weren't really even worth it. Cause it wasn't chocolate. And let's face it, if it's not a chocolate cupcake then it's not really worth eating in my book.

But, alas, I gave in. I'll be better tomorrow. Pinky swear...


Mara... said...

Oh no, the cupcake won!!! Don't you hate those pesky buggers? They keep calling and calling and won't leave you alone. Last night for me it was red licorice. They sure are loud. :-)

Tami said...

I'm right there with you Michelle.It's so hard to be good. :-) Especially with cupcakes on the premises. LOL!

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