Saturday, February 13, 2010

and just like that, the snow is gone

but before it left, we had lots of fun playing in it!
Our poor leaning snowman...what can I say? We don't get a lot of snowman making practice down here!
After last year's snow and now this year's, we've discovered that this dog...
*loves* the snow and would stay out in it for hours. Kinda like my kids! It snowed all afternoon yesterday. Not sure what the "official" snowfall was but it was several inches.
This morning it started melting and all but a few remains are gone. But the kids had to get one more shot at playing in the snow before it was all gone. 
Such is life in the south...

(the weather was so much better for picture taking, too. Sun!!)

Tomorrow I have a cute Valentine's project to share. Til then, I'll share a pic of my birthday boy. This sweet old man turned 15 today. Yes, 15 yrs old!!
Love this doggy of mine :)

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Kellie said...

OMG! I love that picture of you and shubby. He looks like he is saying "Oh yeah, I'm the man! I got her right where I want her." HaHa!!! Cute craft. I will have to pass that one on to the teachers. I love the glow they give off.
The snow was fun while it lasted. I miss it all ready.

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