Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want some Shimmerz??

It's that time again! CHA time that is. And some manufacturers are having some giveaways. Since I looove a good giveaway, head over here to check out what Shimmerz Paints is giving away. So if you have a blog, or post on some forums, be sure to head over there for your chance to win!


Cheryl B. said...

Hi Michelle,

I am going to add a slide shoe of some layouts to my blog. Any hints on getting good layout photos. I don't hava a 12" scanner so I wll have to do digi pics. Any help you can offer would be great.

Michelle said...

I have a scanner but not one that's big enough for 12x12 layouts. I take mine outside and lay it on the cement and stand directly over my layout to take a pic. Sometimes I'll prop one up inside but I get much better light outside. Hope that helps!

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