Thursday, January 7, 2010

waiting for snow...& the last 2 days of my December Daily

Yep, we're waiting for snow. It doesn't happen much in the south...not this far south anyway. We've lived here 4 years and got a big snow last year and one other time we got some flakes that didn't stick at all. Other than that, that's it. We're supposed to get maybe up to an inch this evening. I know, not much. But when you have kids who never get to play in it, it's a big deal. So we're hoping, hoping, hoping to get a little of that white powdery stuff!!! (And I've already gotten my scrappy delivery from the UPS man so the snow can come at any time now!! ha!)

So, while we're patiently waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing, I'll show you the last 2 days of my December Daily.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day always have a couple pages in my December Daily album for obvious reasons. I don't include every single photo from those days and I will still do a layout, probably a couple of them. But there's still more than a couple photos I want to be sure to include in this album that wrap up the holiday season for us.

Day 24 ~ This first page I used another one of Ali Edwards' templates (I'm sure getting my money's worth out of these!) I added a cute little tree from some KI Memories lace cardstock.

On the backside is another template. This time I left one of the photo spots blank so I could add some embellishments.

The next page is some journaling about our Christmas Eve traditions. They're not really "traditions" in the traditional sense, just stuff we seem to do every year. Like making my homemade meatballs & going to Christmas Eve Mass.

The backside has some photos of the kiddos after they fell asleep...both of them in my room. That's another thing that's become a "tradition" in our house...the kids having a slumber party in our room on Christmas Eve.

The next page is just a cute pic of the kids in their Christmas pjs. I realize that photo is before they fell asleep (like shown in the previous page) but I don't care if it's a little out of sequence. The paper is a Making Memories shaped paper that I cut in half, then folded in half.

Day 25 ~ I started with another journaling page, just like on Christmas Eve.

Then another template of a couple Christmas morning photos. 

On the last page I included some of the wrapping paper that Santa wrapped the kids' presents in. Ever year Santa wraps the kids' presents in unique wrapping paper for each child. Like, one year Ben had TMNT paper and I think Olivia had Littlest Pet Shop (or was it princesses that year??) 

Anyway, I saw that Ali had used wrapping paper on one of her pages and I thought that was really neat. I've never saved any wrapping paper before. Won't that be fun to look at in 30 years?!
Well, that's it!! I have a couple things to add. Like, I want to add some journaling around the outside of 2nd to last page with the Christmas morning photos. And I need to add in the kids' letters to Santa, probably next to the page where they went to see him. 


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