Sunday, January 3, 2010

one very happy girl

This weekend I took my daughter to American Girl for her birthday. She's been wanting one for the last year. I should say, she's been specifically wanting the Kit Kittredge doll for the last year. She was so excited I thought she was going to explode. Literally! 

Well, we get there and within 5 minutes a worker there asks what we're there for, we tell her, and she proceeds to tell us that the Kit doll is....on back order. My poor daughter was heartbroken. I mean *heartbroken*. She is not a child who asks for a lot of expensive things. She's not a child that gets a lot of expensive things. She decided to forego a party in order to have lunch at the AG store and get her doll. 

Soooo....after many tears we began looking at the other dolls. And thankfully the new Girl of the Year Lanie is super cute. And so Olivia decided on her and she was so happy with her new girl. And oh my gosh, the little accessories are sooo adorable!! Man, I would've loved something like that as a little girl!!

And Olivia has decided that she's going to try and save her money to get her Kit doll. The rest of the day was fun. We had lunch in the American Girl Bistro and then Olivia picked out some more outfits for Lanie (and a matching outfit for herself, too!) It was a fun day and I'm so glad her friend Abby was there to share it with her :) 



Tami said...

So cute!! Those dolls are adorable.

lauriec said...

Lanie is very cute & looks like Olivia! Try looking on Ebay for Kit.

Michelle said...

Kit isn't retired, just on back order. Besides, those people on ebay are nuts at the prices they're trying to charge for retired dolls!

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