Friday, January 29, 2010

monogrammed walls

This is a post I've been meaning to do for quite a while now. Several months back I saw on a few blogs how people have been doing a monogrammed wall using various letter shapes along with other pieces of artwork, photos, etc. I thought that was such a neat idea so I thought I'd try it out in my house.

I actually did 2 monogram walls but I'm planning on redoing one of them. So I'll show you my daughter's room today and the other one when it's redone (so I can show you a before & after). We repainted her room several months back to this really cute purple color. I'm still working on decorating it all up. And right now she has a double bed in there which I'm hoping to switch out within a few months with a twin bed.

Anyway, here's her monogrammed wall:
To create this I kept an eye out for a few O's (notice the pink & white striped plate ~ that's an O!) and a few odds & ends. I layed them all out on the floor til I got the grouping right and Voila! I'm really happy with how it turned out...and she likes it, too :) The best part? It was very inexpensive to create. I'll show you:
1 ~ reg. $11.99, on sale at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off
2,3 ~ frames I had at home, painted them white with spray paint ($1 a can at Walmart)
4 ~ Found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for a couple bucks
5 ~ cross my daughter made in Sunday school a couple years back
6 ~ one of those paper mache letters, painted it white then adhered some Scenic Route paper I had with mod podge. The birdie was made by my father in-law, it actually was attached to a branch but fell off and now looks perfect perched in the O!
7 ~ another one of those paper mache O's. this time I added some flowers & bling from my stash after painting it white
8 ~ cute plate from Hobby Lobby, reg. $9.99 on sale for 1/2 off
9 ~ found on clearance for a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby
10,11 ~ both a few bucks on sale at, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby!
12 ~ found just the other day on sale for a couple bucks at Joann's, 60% off.

So that's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I'll share the rest of her room once it's finished. It's quite cute :) Check out the butterflies I just hung up in there...
Wanna guess where I found those?! hehe, and they were about 5 bucks for all of them!


Tami said...

I love it!!! I've been wanting to do one of these walls to. I love how you used so many different o's and I love and pink and white striped plate! Great job.

Kellie said...

I love it!!! But I am not letting Abby see it cause I do not need one more project. I love the purple. So soft and sweet. Just like Olivia. HaHa! She's more like that butterfly. Little Hottie Tottie. You gotta love her.

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