Wednesday, December 2, 2009

easy holiday table decoration

This year with my daughter being sick for so long, I didn't have time to do a lot of decorating for Thanksgiving. Scratch that, I had no time for decorating. I saw an easy centerpiece on one of my favorite sites ~ Nesting Place ~ and I figured I could pull something off like that. 

Now, mine was a lot more simpler than hers. I used a smaller platter. Actually, I found this square white dish at Kohl's for 4 bucks. I added some candles & the pumpkin that I already had at home along with some nuts and a simple table centerpiece was created :)

Now that turkey day is over, I changed it up for Christmas. Again, I kept is super simple since this is sitting on my kitchen table and I wanted it to be casual. Plus, we also have an advent wreath on that table, too. 

I thought about changing out the nuts with pine cones, but we all enjoy cracking open some nuts after dinner so I left it as is. Still looks cute I think :)


Zarah said...

I did almost the same thing - candles and pumpkins on a platter - but with pebbles. Nuts is WAY cuter! I need to take that platter back in and imitate your X-mas setting for it, I think. Way cute!

lisa dickinson said...

so cute (and versatile and kind of decorating!)

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