Monday, November 2, 2009

another successful year

It was another great Halloween this year. The weather was a lot colder and rainier than normal but my kids didn't seem to care one bit. It actually reminded me a lot of my Halloween's trick or treating as a kid. Usually you had to figure out how to put your winter coat under your costume! But back then a lot of the costumes were plastic so it wasn't much of a problem. Not the full suit costumes that they make today. 

We started off the day by carving our pumpkins. Yes, I waited til Halloween to do this. I told you the entire month zipped by for me!

The kids drew the faces that they wanted and even helped a bit with the carving. Of course, pumpkin carving wouldn't be complete without daddy acting like he's going to shove a handful of pumpkin guts into someone's face!

Even the dogs waited patiently for a pumpkin seed to fall...

Yes, I know that's a Christmas tablecloth. But it was the only plastic one I had handy! And here's the finished results...

I think the colored light inside the mummy makes him look even spookier, don't you??

And then, out of nowhere, a Jedi Knight fight broke out in the kitchen...

Not sure who won that battle, I'll have to let you know. But just be warned, Ben doesn't fight fair. He aims right for the.....well, you can figure that one out!

And then it was time for trick or treating. It was a Star Wars Halloween at this house. A Storm Trooper and Padme.
The serious face adds to overall look of the costume, don't you think?!
Now I didn't dress up, but I couldn't go out with at least doing something

I even put on pink eyelashes. I don't know how women wear those things...

At the end of the evening the kids were soaked. I told you it was raining!

But it was all worth it when they got to dump their buckets out and relish in their successful night of trick or treating!

Ok, is that my dog licking the carpet in the background?? God that dog is weird sometimes!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween this year!!



Tami said...

Looks like the perfect Halloween!!! I love the mummy pumpkin. Also, your post below with the spider cupcakes. So cute!!!!

*Paula* said...

Aww - looks like fun times!

5price4ever said...

LOL!!!My dog does the same thing..Too weird!!!!But it makes cheap laughs...

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