Monday, October 5, 2009

ottoman makeover

For the last 3 1/2 yrs we've had this big, clunky coffee table in our living room.  This is a picture I took in Feb '06

I bought it shortly after we moved into this house. I figured it'd be ok to buy a big coffee table cause my couch is one of those big, oversized mammoths (but it's oh~so~comfy) Truth is, I was simply happy to even have the room for a coffee table. In my last 2 houses the living room just wasn't the right size for one. So I bought this table. It wasn't my favorite. Not my first choice. Honestly it isn't even my "style". But I was impatient and bought it anyway. But let me tell you why I don't like it. 

It's too big

It's too dark

My kids have banged the crap out of it

It has become the magazine/remote/mail/magazine/all around junk collector

I don't like it

But....there's no money in the budget for a new one right now. And quite honestly, my kids will just ruin a new one anyway. And since I'm not in the habit of flushing my money down the toilet (when I can help it) I had another idea. We've had a cedar chest in our bedroom which has turned into the "clean clothes holder". I'm sure you have one of those in your bedroom, too. It serves no real function. My husband actually made it in high school. So I had the idea of putting it in the living room and making some kind of cushion to go on top of it.

I found some clearance fabric at Joann's. It was regularly priced at $40/yd and I got it for $9/yd. I also bought this same fabric for my window mistreatments that I did in the kitchen (I'll show those later this week when they're finished). This is how it turned out:

I am so happy with how it turned out. I originally picked a darker fabric (thinking about durability with 2 kids) but the lighter fabric simply looked nicer with the darker wood on the cedar chest. Here's some close ups: 

I found that cute little tray on sale at Joann's for $10

I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to get the padding and doubled it up. To cover it, I simply wrapped the material around it like a present and adhered it with Unique Stitch. 

It seems to have a good hold but we'll see how long it lasts. I just didn't feel like pulling out my hot glue gun. And since no one is going to see the bottom it really doesn't matter.

I also added one of those rug grippers underneath to keep it from slipping too much. I was thinking it'd be nice to paint the cedar chest white and then distress the edges but I'll save that project for another day.

And that big, clunky coffee table?? Well that's sitting in the back of our truck waiting for a trip to Goodwill. Someone will enjoy it....just not me. And ya know what? My kids don't really miss their play table/toy collector. It's working out really well...and we have more floor space to play :)

So have you re-purposed/recovered/redone anything recently?? 
And by the way, don't forget about the giveaway below!! I'll be picking someone first thing Tuesday morning (cause Castle is on tonight...)



Virginia said...

That is AWESOME girl! I love it! Hmmmm... I may have to do something like that myself! ;)

Carol said...

Um, that big 'ol coffee table? Yeah, it will fit in MY living room :)
I love the new table! And the monogram wall, and the new paint, etc!!

ParkerMama said...

GORG! Absolutely gor-ge-ous!

How talented are you?

You know, I could invoice you each month, OR you could just enter it into Parker's tip jar and earn yourself a few entries for his raffle! :D

I've been offering a reallly sweet and cheap deal for a year of advertising too. It comes out to be less than $7.00 a month.


Tami said...

That is so nice Michelle! I love it!

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