Wednesday, September 2, 2009

u r sweet

So I said yesterday that I had a few more projects from the Sept KGK. I also made another layout today but haven't gotten a picture of that yet. I cannot believe that I've created 5 layouts, a card & a couple tags and I still have a bunch of goodies leftover! Have I said recently how much I love this kit?!!

Anyway, here's a card I made with that cute Jillibean soup numbered cardstock (note to self ~ need to get more of this!)

Making these shaped cards is really easy, especially if you have a Sizzix (or similar die-cutting machine). What you want to do is fold your cardstock in half (for this card I used a 5x10 pc).

When you put your folded piece of paper/cardstock on your die, be sure to put part of it on the inside of the die.

The part of the paper that is on the inside of the die won't be cut and you'll end up with this:

Then you can embellish however you want! I used those cute letters from the other sheet of Jillibean Soup paper along with some of the other embellies that came with this month's KGK.

Now if you don't have a die-cutting machine you can still make a card like this. Trace a circle (or whatever shape you want) on your folded cardstock, leaving that one part on the edge that you won't cut. Then you can cut with regular or decorative scissors.

The inspiration for this card was from a sketch I found on the Jilibean Soup blog. You can check it out here!

And by the way, if you're not a member of KGK on facebook, head over here and become a fan. You may be able to win something {hint, hint}

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Carla G. said...

I love your card and thanks for the quick tutorial!

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