Monday, August 24, 2009

balloon glow

Every year for Labor Day weekend we head over to Callaway Gardens for their balloon festival. It's a weekend-long festival with big, bright hot air balloons, food, music and lots of fun. Now I will confess that we haven't actually done all of the weekend festivities yet. When we first moved to GA Ben was only 2 yrs old. And the thought of walking around in the hot sun amidst the crowds with 2 small children just didn't appeal to me. Cause in southern GA it's still pretty hot in Sept. But on Friday night they kick off the weekend with their balloon glow. Basically, they blow up the balloons and every time they fire them up the balloons glow. It's so pretty. So we'll sit on the beach, bring snacks, and the kids play in the sand til it gets dark and then we watch the balloons.

We've gone to it 3 times and I'm finally getting around to scrapping these pictures. One year down, 2 to go! (and in a few weeks I'll have a 4th set of photos!)

Supplies from Aug Studio Calico kit

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Rita said...

Great LO! Love how you used that's perfect for those photos!

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