Saturday, July 25, 2009

turkeys & bunnies & chickens, oh my! (and other flea market finds)

WARNING ~ lots of pictures ahead!

animal pictures taken by Olivia ;)

We headed out to the flea market again, this time it was just me & Olivia. We got there early, although not as early as I'd hoped. And was it packed. And I mean packed!! I had no idea this flea market was this big since the time I drove by it before was in the afternoon when most sellers were gone. It was super hot. In fact, I got burnt. But it's all good. I managed to come home with some goodies and we had fun, too :)

Seriously people, we're talking HOT outside!

And here's some of our finds for the day...

hehe, Holly Hobbie Christmas glasses!!! I think I might have let out a girly squeal or 2 when I saw these :) The guy had the old McDonald's glasses, too. It was like taking a stroll down memory lane...

Seriously, these were too cute to pass up. Then I found someone I was hoping to find...vintage bottles.

The guy had 2 huge bins full of them. May have to go visit him again. I think the brown one was a medicine bottle. Notice the Listerine bottle on the right? Did you know Listerine bottles used to have a cork? I didn't. Too bad this one didn't still have it. But that cute skinny one did.

Some old music books from the 1920's and a children's book. I really liked that children's books for the pictures...perfect for scrapbooking.

And, of course, Olivia managed to find some treasures of her own:

2 books for a buck each and that Littlest Pet Shop toy for 2 bucks!!

Got this for free (just cause the guy was packing up and overheard Olivia say it was cute!)

And finally, I found this for Ben. A light that hooks onto a baseball cap. It's supposed to be for hunting or fishing (go figure) but I knew he'd have fun with it.

And all of that stuff set me back $14. Not too shabby. Oh, and one more thing about the flea market (and I don't know why this surprised me) but there were many people selling chickens, turkeys, puppies, bunnies, whatever (hence that first picture). Now you know you're at a flea market in east AL when the lady selling bunnies says "if I don't sell 'em today they're goin' on the grill" eeek!! Thankfully Olivia didn't hear that one! Or if she did, I don't think she understood. hehe oh how I love the south ;)

Since we were already in AL and only about 20 min from Opelika, we figured we'd head over to World Market. Ok, I talked Olivia into it by getting her McDonalds and telling her it was a 20 minute air conditioned ride. I could seriously do some damage to the pocketbook in that store!! But I was good...did a lot of looking but very little buying (less than 5 bucks to be exact). But here are some of my faves.

For some reason, I always gravitate towards this stuff:

Oh how I wish I could have just one of each! I was good, only bought one jar. (3rd row up from the bottom, all the way on the right with the cork stopper in it)

And these cuties, oh my

Glasses with a chalkboard on the front. How clever!

And I thought these would be so fun for those popcorn gift pouches and gift sets I sometimes make for teachers

I think the big ones were like $7 for 6 of them. How fun would that be to fill for a "movie night" gift set. Hmmm....

And I must have one of these

Christmas gift maybe???? Couldn't you see using these on Christmas Eve? Don't forget the matching shakers.

So that's it. Hope I didn't bore you with all of my findings today :) Make it a great weekend everyone!!


Kelly said...

Great finds, Michelle! I bought a Holly Hobbie glass like that at a flea market and I believe I squealed, too. :)

Carol said...

Next time, take me with you!! I spent today getting ready for the garage sale next Sat. I have way too much stuff!!

Jenn said...

Looks like you had a fun time! I love those Holly Hobby glasses!

Candace said...

I found your blog today through 2peas. I love it. I am from GA too! I was searching for teacher gift ideas and I saw where you made those mini clipboards! Super cute! Stop by my blog sometime and say Hi! Take Care.

Tami said...

I love the Holly Hobby glasses!! What a great find.

I also love the shakers at World Market. It WOULD make a great christmas gift set. Hmmm...

Rita said...

Great finds!

lauriec said...

LOVE world market! Anytime you want to go, let me know!

cynthia smith said...

Hi Michelle, Great finds where are you shopping at? I know its probably no where near where I live which is in Germany but next time Im in the states I would like to go to that store with all the glasses.I love your blog and I am trying to get mine done and going if maybe you could help me out? Or give me some suggestions on maybe who can?Not really computer savey... said...

I forgot to put my Thanks and your blog is really cool.

stephanie howell said...

fun finds! holly hobbie brings back fond memories. ;) xo

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