Monday, June 29, 2009

not what i wanted to come home to

Well, the kids are happy to have me back. I've gotten lots of hugs and kisses and I'm lovin' it! And then this morning I went to take a shower and my dog followed me in there as she does a lot....and proceeded to puke all over my floor. Niiiiiice. I swear this dogs pukes at least 2-3 times a month. Either she's eating grass, or the dirt out of my flower pots, or the moss out of my flower pots, or the paper scraps in my scrap room.... Well, at least she did it in the bathroom and not on my living room carpet. Cause any dog owner knows that cleaning dog puke out of carpet can sometimes be a nightmare.

ugh, welcome home.

Here's a quick card I made on my retreat from some of the scraps from the Jenni Bowlin June kit.

I added the letter stickers & ribbon from my stash.

I have more to share but first I'm going to take my kids to the dollar flick to see Monsters vs Aliens. Good quality family time vegging in front of a super large tv with lots of popcorn and candy :)

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