Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today Show - Miss America Controversy (4/21/09)

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Miss USA pageant controversy. I am absolutely floored at this "judge" (and I use that term very loosely) and his comments about Miss California.

First of all, that question was out of line, plain and simple.


Since when in America are we not entitled to our opinions?

Since when in America are we not entitled to stand up for our beliefs?

I'm sure Mr. Hilton feels that it is his right to stand up for his "beliefs" (whatever those may be). So why can't anyone else? Just because they don't agree with his??

I think it is SO great that Miss California has stood up for her beliefs, her morals and her faith. That she didn't waver. That she realized that this was a test from God on whether or not she succumb to pressure or stand up for what she believed in. Good for her.

And Mr. Hilton, the names that you called her simply because she didn't agree with you show just exactly what kind of person you are. There is no "perfect" Miss USA Mr. Hilton.

I think she passed with flying colors, don't you?? I wish more people were like her.


Loreluca said...

This is just sad. The fact is, those who demand "tolerance" from everyone are the most intolerant of all. What a shame.
On the other hand, why a classy lady Miss California is. What a stand up woman! I'm sure her parents must feel proud!

Brooke said...

I'm just overwhelmed by all of this. On the one hand I feel like it's beating a dead horse to even say anything about it on my blog, because I don't want to give that jerk Perez Hilton more publicity. But at the same time I feel like something has to be said... it's just ridiculous. Loreluca was absolutely right, those that are accusing people of being "intolerant" are usually the worst when it comes to tolerance. Just because someone's opinion or beliefs doesn't align with theirs doesn't make them wrong - and wouldn't they say the same thing but on the other end?

We live in the US, which means everyone has the right to voice their opinions, just as you said. I'm proud of Miss California for standing up for her beliefs. Very impressed, good for her!

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