Saturday, December 20, 2008

yep, I'm a night owl

Always have been. I love to stay up late scrappin' (or whatever) til the wee hours of the morning. Problem is, I still have to get up early so in the morning I *so* regret staying up! It's about 1:45am right now. I've been working on some final Christmas gifts. The kids have Sunday School tomorrow morning so I needed to make sure that I finished their teachers' gifts.

I also worked on some altered mini photo albums for the grandparents.

I'm putting pictures of the kids from each year since they were born. I figure they can add photos to the album over the years. These are super simple books to make. I found the photo albums at Target. I think I may make one for myself, too. I'll share more pics tomorrow when I have better light and the Stickles are dry. Til then, I'm off to get about 4 hours of sleep til I need to get up for church!

Oh, one last thing, I just had to catch this photo of my Xmas tree as I was walking out of my scrap room
All of the lights are off in the house except my scrap room and the Christmas tree. Although, notice that the top of the tree is a little dark? Yeah, that set of lights went out :( I was going to try and take it off and replace the lights. But now that it's so close to Christmas I just said forget it. The tree's coming down soon anyway.

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