Thursday, December 11, 2008

when it rains, it pours


It rained all day yesterday, all night, and this morning. And it was WINDY. Like the kind of windy that makes you feel like you're gonna take flight when holding an umbrella.

I dropped the kids off at school. The power was out. My son cried cause he wanted me to stay with him. Not because of the power outage, but because he's been very clingy and emotional since he broke his leg.

Then I came home, just to grab my cell phone I forgot on the charger, and saw this:

Yep, that's a big 'ol tree branch through my window. Greeeaaat. There was broken glass everywhere. Some of my Christmas lights are broken. Told ya it was windy!

But the good news is that this tree could have chosen to knock out one of the other windows at the front of the house ~ my dining room or my scrap room. Either one would have been BAD. So, I guess if a window has to be broken, the garage one is a better choice!

I had just been thinking last week (when a huge branch fell of this same tree) that I need to get my husband to chop down some of the dead limbs. I never really worried too much about the branches that fell...cause they always fell down. Not 10-20 ft across my yard...and into my house! Actually, now that I look at the tree, the whole thing really needs to come down. Cause the top half (which is taller than my house) is practically all dead. Soooo, either he'll be chopping wood this weekend or we'll be paying someone to come chop it down for us. Poor birdies, that's the tree that holds their bird feeders!


Brook said...

Hey Michelle, I got the tray from a baby layette gift when my son was born. I've been saving it for 2 1/2 years just waiting for the perfect project for it!!! But, I think I've seen raw, unfinished trays just like it at Michael's or probably most craft stores. :)

Tami said...

OH no Michelle! What a yucky thing to come home to. Like you said, at least it didn't hit a window into the house.

Carol said...

Wow! Look at it this way, you can use it in the fireplace! I'm glad it only entered in through the garage.

Loreluca said...

maybe you can just chop off the half that is dead??? I am not a tree hugger (I really am not) but I feel so sad when anything alive has to die...
Then again, Carol brings up a good point. You can always use it for the fireplace!Glad to see you guys are ok!

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