Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a little of this, a little of that

We've been spending our Christmas vacation being very lazy. Staying up late. Sleeping in. Playing with toys. Eating leftovers. Doing it all over again. You get the idea.

Yesterday Ben got his cast off. They even let Olivia take the x-rays (she pushed the button). She thought that was pretty neat. And check out the treats they gave the kids!

Ugh, I hate the yellow walls at that dr's office. Makes the pictures look so funky! Anyway, I know Ben doesn't look too thrilled in his picture. It's cause his leg still hurts. The dr said cause it was such a severe brake that it's just going to take time. He doesn't have to wear a cast but he still can't run, jump, etc. Not that he's even to that point yet. He won't even walk on it. So I'm on the hunt for a walking boot that'll fit him.

A word of warning ~ if your kid tries to break a leg, make sure they're at least in grade school when they do it so when you go looking for medical supplies you don't have to search the earth for them cause no one carries the "little" stuff. But I digress...

We've also been spending a lot of time taking care of this guy

My poor pup. He's almost 14 and really showing the signs of his age this week. When we woke up yesterday he couldn't get up, couldn't walk, couldn't do anything. I took him to the vet and found out that he has calcification between several of his vertebrae (basically signs of old age). There's a technical name for it but I can't remember. There's not much they can do for that so he got a shot and is on 2 medications to help with inflammation and pain. The meds seem to finally be working a little. He's still pretty wobbly and I'm not sure if things will get better or not. It's hard to tell if his reaction is from the meds or his condition cause he's acting a bit loopy. Not good when you have a dog that can't walk. Thankfully he was able to walk a bit more today but we still have to help him out a bit. After he starts improving (fingers crossed) I'll take him off the pain meds and see how he is.

So if you're the praying kind as I know a lot of you are, please say a prayer for my sweet old man. Cause I'm not quite ready to let him go just yet.


Tami said...

You know I am praying for him. I hope he is doing better today.

That is great Ben got his cast off! :-)

Tammy and Parker said...

Hey You! Would you please let your kids know that Parker received the amazing and absolutely PERFECT giraffe?

I'm planning on sending them out a thank you card from Parker. It may take a minute, so please let them know we did receive that most precious of gifts!

Carol said...

So glad that Ben has his cast off! Reading about Shubby brought tears to my eyes. He is one great dog, and I hope he doesn't leave us anytime soon.

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