Monday, December 22, 2008

check out those lights!

We had a bit of a rough afternoon here. I had to do some errands and one of those was to take my son to get a haircut. Well, he was in a mood when we got there and I mean a MOOD. I've never seen him throw a fit like that anywhere, especially in public. He's been quite ornery, short tempered and emotional since he's had his cast on (can you blame the kid?). And I've given him more leeway than I normally would because of it. So, after I got back from church tonight I thought it'd be fun to kind of "start over" the day (even if it was 8 at night) and we headed over to the Ludy's Christmas lights. All I can say is WOW! The kids thought these lights were just so neat (I did, too!). I just can't imagine all the time and effort that goes into setting up something like this. Check it out

Santa threw presents into the chimney...then threw them backwards into the neighbor's chimney!

And check out my little snuggle bear and our pup. So sweet. The kids are taking turns sleeping on the air mattress while grandma's here visiting. And whenever an air mattress comes out one (or both) of the dogs try and sneak on!

Poor pup, she hasn't been feeling good the last week or 2 and I'm not sure why. Still trying to figure out if I need to take her to the vet or not. It doesn't seem like anything too serious so I'm hoping it'll pass.

Tomorrow my only plan (hopefully) is to bake some cookies! And maybe do a little cleaning. As usual I'm up late so I'm hoping the kids cooperate and sleep in a little....please????!!!!


Tammy and Parker said...


I wanted to stop by and THANK YOU for the box full of teeny tiny designer hiney stuff, etc. You are amazing. And soo very sweet.

I'm sorry I've been so slow in getting back to you.

Talk soon!

lovingmytwoboys said...

We went there last year and it was amazing! I had forgotten all about it till I read your post. It makes me sad we didn't get to see it this year! Miss ya'll lots and hope you have a Wonderful Christmas! Love ya!

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