Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scrapbook the PRESENT

I took on a challenge on Stacy Julian's blog about scrapbooking the present. You can visit her blog to find out all the details but here's a little excerpt that she wrote:

Can you imagine if every woman in the world had a little "present" in her purse, a little something to pull out and look at on the bus, in the school parking lot, in line at the grocery store ... I think there would be a greater degree of gratitude, of patience, of satisfaction and of happiness.

The idea is to take 10-12 photos, scrapbook them in a small little book, and then carry it around for a full year. Every time you come across this album in your purse, pull it out and look through it. Then in 1 year, scrapbook your experience.

I thought it'd be fun so I joined in on the challenge. I made a simple book with my handy dandy Bind-It-All. I kept it *super* simple. After all, it's going to hanging out in my purse for a year so it's gotta be durable!! (which means nothing sticking out from the sides that can get torn or bent) The front is painted with Making Memories paint and I used some Mod Podge to seal it.

Here's some photos from my book. Like I said, I kept it super simple. The idea of the book is the photos, not the design.

Take the challenge! Make a present for yourself :)


Carol said...

gorgeous! and what a great idea!

Candice said...

I love this... what a great way to capture your life! If you just did one of these once a year it would be amazing. I'm DEFINATLY going to do this.

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