Wednesday, October 15, 2008

quick post

This is going to be quick cause I have a million things to do today and tomorrow. We have gymnastics after school today and tomorrow is sign up for hockey. I can't wait to see my 4 year old in a hockey suit!! hee hee Who knew little boys could be so much fun?? I always thought the girls were more fun but I'm finding out that it's pretty equal.

Anyway, I've been working on another layout for ebay:

I got the inspiration to paper piece the haunted house from a sticker I found at Target. Goes to show you that you can find inspiration anywhere! Anyway, it'll be up tonight and you can check it out here. I think this one is going to be the last of the Halloween stuff (for the most part) for ebay. Once I finish the kids' treats for school, Sunday School, and teachers I'll be ready to move on to Christmas stuff!

Lots to do, chat later!!!

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