Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm not that I???

Yep, today is my birthday. I'm *gasp* 36 years old today. I can't figure out where time has gone. I don't feel that old. I don't look 36, do I?? Don't answer that!!

It's amazing to me that I graduated from high school 18 years ago! WOW!! I think part of what has me in shock is that the last 8 years or so have just flown by.

I mean, really flown.

Let's see, in the last 8 years I got married, had 2 children, 4 surgeries, my husband switched careers (big switch), moved from MI to TN to GA, went from a working gal to stay home mom, made lots of new friends, had lots of great experiences. That's a lot for a short amount of time, I think! Although it seems these days that's pretty much the norm. But where I was from and grew up everyone basically stayed where they were. I didn't really know people who moved out of state.

And check this out, I was going through some old photos that I thought I'd share. Well, these are the ones that I'm willing to share. The others are just too embarrassing!! I should warn you though, there's some big hair in some of these photos! Hey, it was the 80's!!

Junior Homecoming (Oct 88)
Junior Prom (May 89)

I warned you about the big hair! The conversation with my daughter when she saw that picture went something like this:
"Wow mommy, you had BIG hair!"
"Yes I did!"
"Was that your boyfriend?"
"Were you a teenager?"
"Yep, I was 16 in that picture"
(little laugh)
"I don't like his hair!"
Ya gotta love kids! By the way, I loved wearing that dress that night!

Oh, and you're not seeing my senior prom pics. Let's just say.....the hair was bigger. Is that possible?? Yep, with Bold Hold it is!!! And if you remember that, then you must be as old as me!! lol

Senior graduation (June 90)

New Year's 92 ~ notice the Winger poster :) I don't care, I still think he's hot!

All I can say is you gotta love the 80s. We may look silly in our photos now (I'm sure you're still laughing Carol!) but it was a fun time. And I was still pretty cute :) I am now

Not too shabby for an old lady! lol Although I can't stand my bangs (too short) but that's a whole 'nother conversation.

But wait a minute ~ my cake says I'm 29!!! Well how about that. I guess I haven't lost as many years as I thought!!


Tami said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE! Those hair pics are great. How did you get Bon Jovi to go to prom with you? hee hee Don't be embarassed my prom pics look very similar (boy and girl hair that is).

Carol said...

How did you know I was laughing? I'll bet you could hear me at your house!! Now I'll have to try and find some of my old pictures. BTW, I had fun last night ~ hope you did, too!

Becky said...

"How did you get Bon Jovi to go to prom with you?" LOL That's AWESOME! ha ha I am flattered that I'm in your pics as well, although I was always totally jealous that my hair wasn't as big as your hair! I always used to tell you, "when your hair gets longer it doesn't get longer -- it gets bigger!". I'm surprised there weren't any architectural firms out there soliciting 80's females to come in and teach seminars on how to get such heavy stuff to stay suspended in the air for so long... LOL And my weapon of choice wasn't Bold Hold, it was Stiff Stuff (I still have a can in my linen closet, from college!)! Remember passing the huuuge can down the line of girls at the bathroom sink at Harpo's and the Dollar? Now that's a whole other walk down memory lane for us...

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