Monday, August 11, 2008

waiting for the UPS man

I'll be doing a lot of that this week!! My Studio Calico kit comes today (yay!!) And my new Stampin' Up! goodies come on Wednesday. So I'm anxiously awaiting the sound of that big brown truck coming up my driveway. Til then I'll share with you a few other non-scrappy creative things.

Here's the new frames my hubby made for my son's room. We just redid his room with a bear theme (he has a big boy room now...sniff, sniff). I found this adorable quilt set on sale at Target and Ben & I just couldn't resist! I found some bear posters while we were in Gatlinburg and since my hubby had some scrap wood laying around he made the frames for me. And they look very woodsy, just like I wanted :) Thanks sweetie!!

And check out these cute bracelets my kids made for me yesterday. I swear, give them some beads and string and they'll be busy for hours!! (not too many things do that to my kids!!)

I'll leave you with picture of my son after his first day of Pre-K today. Yeah, that's a full blown nap attack! (that doesn't happen much in our house anymore!)

Oh, and I listed a few layouts on etsy. Mostly previous class samples. So if you need a few inexpensive layouts for your albums head on over there!

Well kids, it looks like it's gonna rain. And in my house that means blankets & pillows on the living room floor and pizza, popcorn and movies!!


Becky said...

I still have a bracelet Olivia made me, over the neck of a vase in my room. She asked me what color I wanted it, and I said blue. I got one blue bead and one green bead ("because it's sort of blue"), and the rest pink beads "because they're my favorite". Oh, and one orange bead "like your hair". I still remember the story! Precious stuff, I love all of it!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you remember that stuff cause my memory's shot!! lol

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