Thursday, June 5, 2008

Off to crop!!

In just a few hours I'll be leaving for my crop retreat!!! I'm so excited but I already miss my kids and I haven't even left yet. I've never been away from them. I mean, I've been away from them when I've been in the hospital but that's different cause I still got to see them every day. On this trip I won't see them for 3 days. A first for this mom!! You would laugh if you saw how much stuff I'm bringing with me!

Do you think I'm bringing too much paper?! lol

This is the basket with all my ribbon and a few wooden stamps

And I can't go to a crop without my "essentials" tote! I got this one from Hobby Lobby and I absolutely LOVE it. I keep it on my desk in my scrap room with all of my most used punches, scissors, pens, adhesive, etc. I like this one much better than others I've seen because it's very wide and easy to find everything.

These are just a few of the things that I'm bringing. I also have my big rolling tote, both photo boxes (you know, the big ones that hold like 2000 photos!) and a couple other bags of stuff. Oh, and LOTS of adhesive!!!

I had hoped to be more prepared and organized for this weekend but oh well. At least the retreat isn't full this weekend so I know I'll have a little bit of room to spread out. But I know I'll have fun and hopefully I'll get caught up on some of my older scrapbooks that have some gaps in them.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I hope to have lots to share when I get back!!!

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