Sunday, April 27, 2008

Disney on Ice, sandcastle cake #2

We had a very full day yesterday. First we went to Disney on Ice and the kids had *so* much fun (of course!). On the drive home they said "can we drive to Disneyworld today???". Oh, how I wish I could have said YES!!!
After Disney on Ice we went to birthday party and then to a bbq. For the bbq I made another sandcastle cake. This time I put it on a larger platter so that I could add some "water". The kids thought that was pretty neat with the "fish" swimming around. Then my daughter promptly asked if she could taste test the water. Mmmm!!
Now I'm in the process of redoing my scrap room. Right now my hubby is at Lowes buying some shelves to put in my closet. I've been battling my scrap room for months and so far the room is wish me luck!!


mom to munchkinz said...

Too cute! What did you use to make the water?

Michelle said...

I used clear piping gel and colored it with teal icing color. I only used a thin layer of "water" cause I accidentally mixed too much of the teal coloring and it was super dark! And I wasn't about to run out at 10 at night to get more piping gel!

Becky said...

This is so great! I love the cakes you've done with this pan! :-)

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